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About Us - 5th Pink & Teal 2022

Innovative Medical Conferences, LLC.
Hands-On Learning Through Limited Attended Medical Conferences

With IMC's 8 years of experience and backed by an international award, we excel in conferences that allow for a wide range of medical disciplines. We specialize in hosting events related to cutting-edge treatments and prevention of breast, ovarian, colon, lung, head and neck cancers, and auto-immune diseases.

While many conferences have become bloated, with as many as 40,000 people attending, we restrict ours to more manageable levels of 150-200. We are dedicated to providing doctors from around the world with informative and interactive presentations in ideal loactions such as Bermuda and the Penn Club of New York. 

IMC's conferences allow doctors to stay up to date with the latest medical advances. Contact us today to register for our latest conference—Pink & Teal 2022 Conference on Breast and Ovarian Cancer.